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Alchemical Refining BasicsEdit

  • Required Skillbook: Alchemical Refining
  • Other Tools: None.

People who are proficient in pharmacology can master this skill. The pharmacist needs a variety of herbs and then mixes them to create various medicines. This job demands that people have a attitude of prudence or any tiny mistake will decrease the effectiveness of the medicines. This will probably be your most used Profession in the entire game. Potion making!!! Hell yea and you WILL need it!

NPC Profession Skills (NPS)Edit

Since you can't buy enhanced potions, you can hire a NPC to craft them for you, without you having learnd Alchemical Refining at all. However he will demand a small fee for the work. According to the game description you should need no materials, but actually the fee is only for the work, you have to bring the materials yourself. For this service you can hire every NPC selling potions. NPCs will provide this service up to profession skill level 3.

Special NPC Profession Recipe:Edit

Convert Craftman's StoneEdit

manufacturing Heart of Craftsman or Heart of Blacksmith at random

Leveling TableEdit

Level Proficiency Required to next Rank
Lv.1 50
Lv.2 100
Lv.3 300
Lv.4 700

Item CraftingEdit

Healing PotionEdit

Level Name Materials
Lv.1 Healing Potion (medium)
Lv.2 Healing Potion (large)
Lv.3 Rejuvenation Potion (small)
Lv.4 Healing Potion (Super)

Enhanced PotionEdit

Level Name Materials NPS fee
Lv.1 Improved Healing Potion (small) 100 gold
Lv.2 Improved Healing Potion (medium) 400 gold
Lv.3 Improved Healing Potion (large) 800 gold
Lv.4 Improved Rejuvenation Potion (small) 500 gold
Lv.1 Improved Mana Potion (small) 300 gold
Lv.2 Improved Mana Potion (medium) 600 gold
Lv.3 Improved Mana Potion (large) 1000 gold
Lv.4 Improved Mana Spring (small) 500 gold

Mana PotionEdit

Level Name Materials
Lv.1 Mana Potion (medium)
Lv.2 Mana Potion (large)
Lv.3 Mana Spring (small)
Lv.4 Mana Potion (super)


Level Name Materials
Lv.1 Healing Reagent 5 Four-Leaf Juice


Level Name Materials
Lv.4 Heart of Craftsman or Heart of Blacksmith (Random)

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