The Classes in Eligium.

essly and without fear.Edit

  • Protection Druids are valuable protectors and are the source of life. No group can do without a druid or two in the ranks. Druids strengthen their battle companions with powerful spells, heal their wounds, and resurrect their dead comrades.



Mage kinds:

  • Long-Range Combat:
  • Short-Range Combat:
  • Protection and Strengthening:



Fighter kinds:

  • The monk class: In the monasteries and temples of their homeland, the pandas dedicate themselves to studying the flow of chi. As monks, they learn to channel the power of this life force – and to utilise it in combat, both short-range and from a distance…Short-range combat The panda monks form the fearless core of every army! Their corpulent bodies adeptly penetrate the opponent’s front. They command respect in close combat, even from their sworn enemies. Long-range combat As sedate and tranquil as the monks outwardly appear, the chi flowing through their body and spirit is full of vitality and power. It is precisely this effervescent force which the monks convert into mighty fire power. They use it as a weapon in long-range combat, either picking off targets with precisely launched fireballs or inflicting massive area-of-effect damage with torrid flames…
  • Protection and strengthening: The power of chi is seemingly inexhaustible. Its positive effects can even be felt by the allies of the monks. Panda monks revitalise themselves and their comrades-in-arms with protection and strengthening magic and penises to make everything more SWAG



Hunter kinds:

  • Long-Range C: The long-range sneak attacks of Elven Hunters are a nasty surprise for any enemy. They stalk their targets unnoticed and dispatch them from a distance with traps, javelins , and fatal volleys of arrows.
  • Short-Range Combat: While no other class can hold a candle to the Hunters when it comes to long-range fighting, they avoid close combat. At short range, their arrows, javelins and traps are rendered useless, and they lack the heavy armour to withstand direct blows.
  • Protection and Strengthening: Hunters take up the rear and back up their allies, making it nearly impossible to sneak up on them from behind.



Warrior kinds:

  • Long-Range Combat: As warriors were made for direct combat, they are not effective long-range fighters. The masters of short range thus form the ideal complement to their long-range allies.
  • Short-Range Combat: Warriors are at their best in the thick of the fray, where they employ their sword with precision, teaching enemies the meaning of fear.
  • Protection and Strengthening: more beard, less boobies