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Herbalism BasicsEdit

  • Required Skillbook: Herbalism, costs 100 Coins. Or get from quest.
  • Other Tools: Herb Sickle, costs 600 Coins.

To increase your Herbalism Profession, all you have to do is gather herbs around the maps or refine them (Item Crafting). Each herb has a level requirement before you can gather them.

Leveling TableEdit

No idea what the current max. level is for Herbalism. I've gone to Lv.4 so far and the proficiency is not growing anymore even if i harvest any herbs.

Level Class Required Proficiency Required
Lv.1 10 -
Lv.2 14 200
Lv.3 16 400
Lv.4 18 800
Lv. 5 22 1300
Lv. 6 2000


What herbs do you need for what level, and where can you find them?

Picture Level Name Map
Four leaf clover Lv.1 Four-Leaf Clover Flaming Plains / Starmoon Plains
Dragon Beard Grass Lv.2 Dragon Beard Grass Honorhold / Sanctia East Suburbs
Lv.3 Echinodorus Elven City West Suburbs

Item CraftingEdit


Picture Level Name Materials
Four Leaf Juice Lv.1 Four-Leaf Juice
Dragon Beard Grass Juice Lv.2 Dragon Beard Grass Juice
Root Juice Lv.3 Root Juice
Crown Juice Lv.4 Crown Juice
2012-02-24 19 01 59 Lv.5 Dragon Crown Juice


Picture Level Name Materials
Herb sickle Lv.1 Enhanced Herb Sickle