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Mining BasicsEdit

  • Required Skillbook: Mining, costs 100 Coins. Or get from quest.
  • Required Tool: Mining Pick, costs 600 Coins.
  • Optional Tool: Enhanced Pick, made with Mining Profession.

To increase your Mining Profession, you will have to mine or smelt ores that correspond with your Mining Level. Each ore has a required Mining Level before it can be mined. Also every ore has a maximum Mining Level. After that level has been reached you will no longer gain Mining Experience for mining the ore and you have to move on to a higher grade ore if you want to gain experience.

Mining on itself is very easy, however it takes quite some time, especially the later levels. Instead of using a regular Mining Pick, you can make an Enhanced Mining Pick (see below). This will allow you to stay AFK for longer before having to repair your tool, making the mining easier on your part.

Leveling TableEdit

The maximum level for the Mining Profession is yet unknown.

Level Class Required Proficiency Required
Lv.1 10 -
Lv.2 10 200
Lv.3 14 400
Lv.4 18 800
Lv.5 22 1300


Here you can find all the different types of ores, what level is required to mine them and where they can be found.

Picture Level Name Map
Tin or Lv.1 Tin Ore Flaming Plains / Starmoon Plains
Copper ore Lv.2 Copper Ore Honorhold / Sanctia East Suburbs
Ironore Lv.3 Iron Ore Tegal

Item CraftingEdit

Ore BarEdit

Picture Level Name Materials
Tin Bar Lv.1 Tin Bar
Copper Bar Lv.2 Copper Bar
Bronze Bar Lv.3 Bronze Bar
Lv.4 Dark Iron Bar
Lv.5 Steel Bar


Picture Level Name Materials
Enhanced Mining Pick Lv.1 Enhanced Mining Pick