Mount Life-phasesEdit

  • Egg
  • Immature
  • Mature

How to get an EggEdit

The first step to receive your mount is to create a character in-game and level him/her up to level 20. Once you hit level 20 a little square box with an exclamation mark will slide to the middle of your screen just above your skillbar. Click the box and it should show a quest called [Tips]The Egg of the Pet. Accept then quest and autoroute yourself to the NPC in town.

Talk with the NPC Pet Keeper to complete the [Tips]The Egg of the Pet quest. Talk to him again and there is going to be another quest called [Side]Oh! My Pet. Accept it and complete! - You will need no materials to get the egg!

You will now have this little egg in your inventory called: Beginner Mount-Light(Egg)

You can also get an egg by joining the Run event held once a week. Look for Mysterious Old Man in Sanctia/Honorhold. If you finish at the top 10 then he will reward you with a Beginner's Mount-Ordinary(egg).

The Mature MountEdit

Once he's transformed into a mature mount you will automatically mount him and receive it's bonus stats.

Now that he's matured you will still need to feed him to be able to ride your mount and benefit from it's bonus stats, but you don't need to disassemble items anymore for the powders because now you will feed your mount with Nutrients. To buy these nutrients go to the Mount-Keeper and click "Trade Items".

Now the Mount-Keeper will sell 3 different Nutrients which each adds a better amount of Stamina to your mount:

Different Kinds of MountsEdit

There's different kinds of Mounts throughout the game. However, everyone starts with the exact same one, the Pyro.

1200x650 Pyro

Other kindsEdit