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Sealing BasicsEdit

  • Required Skillbook: Sealing, costs 50.000 Coins
  • Other Tools: None.
  • Level Requirement: 30

To increase your Sealing Profession, seal away monsters who have the seal mark. Injured monsters can be more easily sealed and skill advancement can increase the succes rate of sealing.

Leveling TableEdit

Level Proficiency Required Class Requirement Consumed Souls*
Lv.1 - 30 20
Lv.2 560 30 19
Lv.3 620 32 18

*Consumed Souls as in each try to seal a monster.

How it worksEdit

You can only seal mobs with a PURPLE name. To capture one, get its health around 5-10% and try to seal it. You need to click the Sealing icon to activate the sealing. It may take more then one attempt to seal the mob. However every attempt gives you a proficiency point, so don't worry about that. Additionaly it costs 19-25 soul points per attempt to seal the mob.

Once you got it sealed, it turns into a Demonseal Stone. The next step is to identify it. By opening the Soul Circle page, and click on Identify. Put your Demonseal Stone inside and click identify. Identifying Demonseal Stones requires a little bit of money. This can also fail. If it fails, you lose the Demonseal Stone, and get nothing back for it. If you succeed at identifying the Demonseal Stone, you can get various items.

Known items obtained from Demonseal StonesEdit

Minion's Card  - Can be added to a Soul weaponEdit

Can be added to a Soul Weapon. Only one Card can be attached to a augmentable weapon at a time. When you add a new one, you will lose the old card.

Nature's Soul - Can be added to the MountEdit

Passive skills on the mount that can greatly help you in various ways. There's alot of diffrent Natures and alot of diffrent prices on them.

Sealable MonstersEdit

Most monsters that are lv20+ are Sealable. If you find any lower ones, please tell us :)