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Trinket Crafting BasicsEdit

  • Required Skillbook: Trinket Crafting, costs 100 Coins.
  • Other Tools: None.

To increase your Trinket Crafting Profession, you need to make Trinkets. Also called accesories. You will need various items for various Trinkets.

Leveling TableEdit

Level Proficiency Required
Lv.1 10
Lv.2 20

Item CraftingEdit


Picture Level Name Materials
Pendant of the Sun Lv.1 Pendant of the Sun
Lv.2 Ray of Ouro


Picture Level Name Materials
Glory Ring Lv.1 Glory Ring
Lv.2 Fort Ring


Picture Level Name Materials
Flowing Light Charm Lv.1 Flowing Light Charm
Lv.2 Dragon's Blessing Charm


Picture Level Name Materials
Silver Necklace Lv.1 Silver Necklace